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Rein in the New Hampshire Department of Justice

A Petition to Protect Fairness and Dignity for Women and Girls

To the legislature of New Hampshire;

New Hampshire is a centrist state. Yet, on gender issues, our state Department of Justice has the views of the DOJ of California.

For years, the New Hampshire DOJ has vigorously advocated for the forced inclusion of biological males in women’s athletics, restrooms, and locker rooms.

In fact, the DOJ has falsely claimed that it is always illegal to separate people based on biological sex in athletic competitions and places of intimate privacy.

Even Biden’s Department of Education admits that separating athletes based on biological sex, rather than gender identity, is perfectly legal.[1]

Although New Hampshire has a Republican executive branch, the DOJ’s lobbying against women’s sports is far to the left of the Biden administration.   

New Hampshire taxpayers do not pay the DOJ to take far-left advocacy positions and lobby to deprive their daughters of athletic opportunities, privacy, and dignity.

As our legislators, we ask that you use the power of the purse to reign in the DOJ from engaging in partisan, progressive lobbying activities.

[1] Section 106, point 31, subsection


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