Fighting for the Parents and Children of New Hampshire

Who We Are

We are an organization dedicated to fighting for the protection of children from radical policies being enforced in our public schools and the rights of parents to be fully informed.

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Our Issues

Advancing a Parental Bill of Rights

We believe that parents have a right to know what goes on in their children’s schools. We are engaged in the fight to ensure that this right is enshrined in law in the Granite State.


Protecting Girl’s Privacy in Schools

Currently in New Hampshire, many of our public schools allow biological males identifying as female to use girls’ locker and rest rooms. This leads to a regime of harassment and fear. Defend Our Kids is dedicated to protecting the privacy and well-being of all girls in New Hampshire public schools.


School Transparency and Accountability

Many public schools in our state have gender policies which require the school to hide from parents the fact that their child has socially transitioned. We are fighting to ensure that parents are informed about what is going on at their children’s school and that parents and schools work together for children’s welfare.

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