I believe that parents and educators share the duty as well as the privilege of safeguarding the future for our children by instilling a joyful curiosity about our world. Serving on the Hanover School Board means working hard to better understand the needs of students, educators, and administrators as we work together to reach this goal.

In my own work as an educator, I am interested in how the connections between pedagogy and civic engagement shape the contours of our future, and I’m eager to learn how I can bring these interests and skills to the table on the school board. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, I left the warmth of the lone star state to go to school at Williams College before following my studies to the UK for a fellowship and MPhil at Cambridge University, and ultimately returning stateside to earn my Ph.D. in English at New York University.

Now an assistant professor in the Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies Program at Dartmouth College, I focus on multi-ethnic American literature, with a particular focus on Latin coming of age stories and what they can tell us about who gets to inherit the future. I live in Hanover with my husband, two daughters, and dog.