As the daughter of a retired school teacher and the mother of a young child, I believe the education of our youth to become kind, healthy, and wise community members is our most important civic duty. In March 2019, I responded to the Hanover school district’s call to fill an open board position for a one year appointment. My professional background, specializing in financial planning and strategy for non-profit organizations, enriches the composition of the school board. I currently serve as the School Board Representative on the Hanover Finance Committee, the Chair of Hanover and Dresden Budget Committees and the Chair of the Policy Committee and have served on the Hanover Food Service Committee. I see my role as a school board member as having a friendly listening ear to all members of our school community because collaboration is how we can provide the best education for our students. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any school-related ideas or comments you may have while I serve as your school board member.

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