Examples of CRT

CRT Examples

When CRT is implemented, children are taught to obsess over their skin color. They are told that is what defines them and that their country is a fundamentally racist place that must be remade. This is wrong and it is damaging our kids.

Teachers ask students to compare their skin color with an arrangement of crayons and watch a video that dramatizes dead black children speaking to them from beyond the grave.

An elementary school in Cupertino, California recently forced a class of third-graders to deconstruct their racial identities, then rank themselves according to their “power and privilege.” “They were basically teaching racism to my eight-year-old.”

North Carolina’s largest school district launches a campaign against “whiteness in educational spaces.” Parents, according to the teachers, should be considered an impediment to social justice. Ignore parental concerns and push the ideology of antiracism directly to students.

An official in Rockwood School District, Missouri, instructed teachers to create two sets of curriculum: a false one to share with parents, and then the real set of curriculum, focused on topics like activism and privilege.

A Black mom is suing her biracial son’s Nevada charter school after she claims he received a failing grade for refusing to link aspects of his identity to oppression and dominance in a sociology class.

A teacher in New Jersey resigned after being forced to teach “whiteness” and group her students into “victim” or “oppressor” categories. View Detail